By Anthony Palena

Teachers and Students at Camden County College have had to adapt to new technologies on campus especially over the past few years.

The Blackwood and Cherry Hill Campuses of Camden County College have undergone large renovations since 2005. One large part of these renovations has been the addition of new technologies to many of the campuses classrooms. According to Susan Coulby the colleges media relations manager. Innovative “smart” technologies now fill the structure [Madison Hall], providing state-of-the-art wireless and hard-wired lecture halls as well as computer-equipped classrooms. Among the highlights are instant-response technologies…and the very latest in educational and communication technologies.”

Students in different majors have reported that technology has changed their learning experience. Kate Cassano a 22-year-old education major and student at the Cherry Hill campus said “The use of technology and media in the classroom is important because it caters to all types of learning styles.” Cassano admitted that she herself benefits from technological classrooms because she is a visual learner.

Some majors require more hands on usage of technology. One such major is Automotive Technology. One Automotive Technology major Brian McCloskey said of a program used in his classes “The program allows the students to look up diagnostics for the cars…enabling us as students to figure our the problems on our own…”

There are also students on campus that have had very little exposure to technology on campus. Amanda Knopf a 21-year-old photography major said that she only had one class, in her 2 years at the college, that used technology. She also indicated that most of her classes were in older buildings, which do not have the same facilities as the newer buildings such as Madison. Her one experience with technology was with a smart cart, Knopf said of the smart cart “It is horribly inconvenient for the teachers, but it definitely adds to the class as opposed to her having nothing.”

According to students, teachers need to change their styles to fit the technologies. Some students had a positive look at what the technology did for teachers. Cassano said “Technology in the classroom helps get information across quickly and efficiently” while Ms. Knopf said “It’s laziness” of teachers who relied heavily on technology to teach their classes.

The technology has added a new dimension to the College for teachers and students. Darryl McMillon, chief information officer for Camden County College said “The new technology is really an additional tool to assist instructors to better serve their constituents – the students. The technology provides a better learning experience because it allows the instructors to incorporate different facets and leverages real dynamics into the learning environment.” He also stated “The new technology has provided a significant increase in the support needs of the campus community.” This puts a greater strain on his department but because it benefits the students and teachers at the school there will be more technology added to the campus in the future.

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