Camden County College has an involvement with charities, however the success of the participation involving these charities is lacking. This is due to the lack of publicity and awareness about the charities that the college takes part in.
When asking former and current students about the charities, the lack of knowledge was proven. Former student Ed Gramley stated that he had no idea that CCC even took part in charities, and if had he known he probably would have taken part in helping out a student or family in need.  After asking current student Taylor Reed if she knew about the charities that CCC partook in, she replied “No, I have never seen anything around the school and because of that I wouldn’t have been able to participate in any”.  Something needs to happen to increase CCC’s involvement in charities.
For five years, Jacqueline Tenuto has been in charge of the student activities involving the charities.  She has increased awareness yet it proves not as effective as she hoped it to be since the donations and participation is down this year from last year.
A few charities that the college partakes in are a food and coat drive which takes place from November 2 through December 11, 2009.  They also take part in raising funds and awareness through the Alex’s Lemonade Stand foundation, food services at the Ronald McDonalds House, and selling various bracelets to support a variety of causes.
The food drive proceeds that are collected are donated to the South Jersey Food Bank in Pennsauken, but only after first helping a student’s family in need.  The same goes for the coats that are collected in the coat drive. They are first given to any student in need and the remainders are then donated to The DOT Organization which provides coats to needy families in Camden.  The Alex’s Lemonade Stand proceeds help to increase awareness about childhood cancer, which raised $704 this year. Lastly, the Human Services Club helped to cook at Ronald McDonald house.
In hoping to raise the awareness about the variety of charities that CCC supports, Tenuto is working on various methods to increase the knowledge about the charities and to help get the word out.  Some methods that are in the works for the up and coming year are refining the email system, involving more clubs to take part in the charities, creating more service learning projects, and increasing the number of volunteers by having a volunteer fair.  She hopes to spread awareness and good will amongst all of CCC and to increase the “services of the heart”.
Tenuto wants the students to know that if they have a certain charity or need that is important to them pertaining to the school, a student’s needs, or a non profit organization that they want to help and support, the student may contact the Dean of Students or the Student Life and Activity Office, and the college will do what they can to help raise donations and awareness about the cause.  Contact Tenuto at (856) 374-5088.
Hopefully 2010 will be a great year with increased awareness about CCC’s involvement with charities.

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