By: Joe Campbell

With the fall semester coming to an end, it can only mean the beginning of a much anticipated holiday break. Towards the end of January, the spring semester will commence, bearing gifts of a new class schedule and a list of new books required for these classes. Students are encouraged to visit the Camden County College (CCC) Bookstore where they can purchase these required books. Inside the store, you’ll be greeted by a friendly staff of CCC students who are willing to help answer any questions you may have. What’s not friendly about the CCC Bookstore, however, are the prices of textbooks.

Some students suppose that the bookstore is their only option for acquiring the proper textbooks needed. What some students don’t know is that there is a much more financially beneficial way of purchasing those textbooks. Websites such as amazon.com and half.com offer new and used textbooks for prices much less than the school bookstore.

A book titled Online Journalism is listed for $68.00 in the bookstore or $91.00 if purchased brand new. On half.com, the same textbook can be found for $16.00. Besides for a few highlighted paragraphs, the textbook was in great condition. Even managers in the bookstore are beginning to recommend these websites. Knowing bookstore employees support a less expensive method for students to purchase textbooks shows the sincerity that can be found in all CCC students.

Shehan Udugampola, of Pine Hill, NJ, a manager in the school bookstore, has been an employee for four years. Udugampola, a former student at CCC, agreed that having the bookstore on campus most certainly is a benefit to the students. In reference to the variety of items the store carries other than books, Udugampola states, “You want it, we got it.” Udugampola also spoke about being aware of cheaper methods to use in regards to purchasing textbooks. He stated, “We recommend websites like Amazon all the time.” When asked if he was familiar with half.com, he responded, “Yes, we’ve recommended that site to students too.”

Corey Schmidt, 20, a communications major from Cherry Hill, NJ, is finishing up his first semester at CCC. After just purchasing a Theory of Communications textbook, it was an opportune time to find out how much he had paid for it. He answered, “Uh I think like 80 bucks.” After glancing at the receipt, it was concluded that Schmidt spent $80.40 on the used textbook. After a walk to the computer lab, Schmidt quickly became aware of one specific alternate buying option. After completing the very brief search criteria for his book on half.com, dozens of postings appeared with prices starting as low as $22.00. “Wow, thanks a lot,” replied Schmidt, “I never knew I could save so much money.”

If you’re someone who needs your textbooks as early as possible, maybe these discounted priced books aren’t for you. But if saving hundreds of dollars a semester appeals to you in any way, check out half.com.

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