Tutoring at Camden County College

By: Amanda Dickinson

When a student is doing poorly in a class, sometimes talking to the teacher does not always help. Maybe the teacher is explaining it differently or in a way the student can not grasp. That is when a tutor comes in to help out. A tutor is someone who can give insight to a subject and help a student solve their learners block and get past the speed bump so that they can understand the subject or situation better. Many students are not comfortable with tutoring because they may feel that it makes them appear inadequate or dumb. Parents look at tutoring as a source of help for their child and encourage it but if the student does not want any help it can be difficult. There are many ads for professional tutors and schools that help with the student’s school work from their actual school. They can bring their math homework to the learning center and are helped through the assignment while having the lesson taught over with a different approach. However, in society today, not many people can afford a special tutor or a tutoring school. Luckily, in college, where courses are harder and work can be more tedious, Camden County College offers an extensive tutoring program for 15 subjects and 73 courses available for tutoring. On top of the extensive selection, it is free. The student just has to find a time and schedule an appointment with a tutor. Tutoring is available at the Wolverton Library.

Interviews held with two students who have received tutoring assistance have brought more insight to the matter. Elizabeth Marshall has been going to Camden County College for three semesters at the end of the fall 2009 semester. She has been going to tutoring for all three semesters. Ms. Marshall spoke about her interaction with the tutoring program saying, “When I came from high school to college, I was taken aback by how heavy the workload is. I would have papers that would have a 10 page minimum. On top of it, the classes were harder and going at a faster pace and I was not ready for it. I found out there was free tutoring and I went for help in math and have been going for any help I need each semester. I have found it very useful.”

Another student who was not so successful with the tutoring program is Alisha Smith who is in her 5th semester at Camden County College. She went to the tutoring program in the spring semester of 2009. Ms. Smith said, “I was in a lot of trouble with my biology class, my teacher wasn’t any good and I have never been good in the science area so when I saw the signs around campus about tutoring for all these different subjects I knew they had to have Biology and they did. I went a bunch of times and I still found the subject difficult. The tutoring didn’t really help me much but I did pass with a C.” Now tutoring may not be for everyone but at least it can provide another enhancement to the normal class lesson and help students get a better education.

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