HELENE FULD School of Nursing- Changes under wraps?

Why are the changes in schools policy not so apparent?

The cornerstone of Camden county college health field Helene Fuld has stopped taking any further applicants.  It has been announced that the last graduating class for the two year program has been admitted for January 2010.   A letter posted by the Dean-Rose Saunders, EdD, RN, CNE said “Helene Fuld School of Nursing will collaborate with Camden County College in identifying a new sponsor to transition to baccalaureate nursing program.” (Fuld, 9-23-09) As per the website it shows that knowledge of the changes has been known as early as August 27th, 2009. In addition to release online message from the Dean invitations to interview were extended to the Public relations Cheryl Wilson and Dean Rose Saunders both decline.  Instead all questions and comments were diverted to Mr. William Thompson, Vice President of Institutional Advancement. When contacting his office his secretary transferred my call to Susan Coulby, Media Relations Manager.  Ms. Coulby requested that all questions be emailed to her.  The email response was to contact the College President Dr. Raymond Yannuzzi.

Dr. Yannuzzi did grant a telephone interview in which he formally declared that Helene Fuld School of Nursing has temporarily halted taking applicants.  Discussions are underway to find a four year school to comply with future bachelor program.  Camden County College will still resume being a partner with the nursing school.  The Plan is to have the college prepare the first 60 credits of the student bachelor degree, thereafter the new partner in conjunction with Helene Fuld will take over the 2nd part of the program.  Dr. Raymond Yannuzzi assured me that, “Helene Fuld and Camden County College have had a longstanding alliance and wishes to continue this.”  Dr. Yannuzzi continued by saying; that he “will assist to make this a smooth and seamless transition for both the students as well as the Nursing school.”   He also said that “Our Lady of Lourdes Program remains unchanged.”

According to the National League of Nursing, changes in the current nursing arena may include possible legislation to mandate nursing programs to switch to a four year program versus a two year program.   As cited in the new development that New York has proposed that all associate nurses complete a bachelor degree program.  This is following the same concept that all New York teachers that have the bachelor’s certification must later complete their master degree. (NLN, 6/04)

Helene Fuld held nursing seminars to disseminate information about the timeline to register for the class of January 2010. Cheryl Young is an Assistant Advisor in the nursing program assisting new and current students with current curriculum for five years.  In addition to her position she conducted the nursing seminars most recently held on October 17th at the William G. Rohrer Center at the Cherry Hill Campus.     She graduated 1968, is working part time in Presbyterian Hospital in Philadelphia the remainder of the time she guides Camden County College students.   Through these nursing seminars, the story surfaced.

Interviewing student Angelique Branch, a part time Freshmen in the Helene Fuld program of nursing said she “…likes the program and didn’t know of the changes.”  Emily Cannci, a Sophomore and a LPN had no idea of the changes and is currently studying to take the nursing entrance exam.

Finally, the facts that were given reveal a definite change in the nursing landscape.  No longer will an associate’s degree be adequate for a nursing position but the need to obtain a Bachelor’s degree is vital.

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