by: Pam Wallace

Camden County College debuts new activity group, ‘Dead Poets Society’ meetings will be held this week and after spring break. Expression through creativity. That’s what makes a dead poet so memorable. Camden County takes a page from student’s interests and starts the first ever activity club dedicated to expressing themselves through famous authors and their own personal works. With the introduction of this club, many students are taking the advantage of having the chance to share their writing talents shown to many like themselves in an open environment that applauds comments, recommendations and critiques. These hour to an hour and half meetings have time set aside for questions and discussions which adviser, Robyn Giles fields to the appropriate subjects. But don’t think it is a serious thing; fun is part of the whole reason why the club was awarded club status last semester. These future authors are looking to enrich their lives with literature, and to try a hand at the writing talent. What does the future hold for these writers and talented individuals? Some will go on to get degrees in journalism, liberal arts or just something pleasant to have on their college transcripts. The next meeting will be held on March 25 at 3:30pm in the Community Center Room 202. It is assured to be a time that we won’t forget.

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