By :  Kathleen Derieux

The Great Depression was an epidemic that had affected the lives of every individual, beginning on October 29th, 1929. The New York stock market crash led to the devastating years where there was only a twenty five percent employment rate, and tremendous nationwide despair.

The lecture, presented by The Center for Civic Leadership and Responsibility, will talk about athletics from the late 1920’s to World War II, as well as their successes and failures from the economic troubles of the era.  The lecture will be given by Bruce Kuklick, a professor in the department of history at the University of Pennsylvania.

“I think it’s remarkable that our college provides lectures for students, especially history majors, to attend and learn about such a troubled time for America. Everyone knows about the Great Depression, but not all of the details. Luckily, Camden County is providing a way for us to be informed,”says Rebecca Breve, a student at Camden County College.

The lecture will be held at Camden County College’s Blackwood Campus on Wednesday, March 24th, 2010 in The Connector Building. For further information, questions, or concerns, you may contact Jack Pesda, a professor of history political science at Camden County College.

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