Today all local colleges and universities gathered up in the Atrium Connector building at Camden County, ready to recruit students preparing to transfer by next spring. This was a chance for transfer students to sift through the countless college options open to them, ensuring to attend to the best school for their major that also corresponds with the already hard earned credits achieved. The colleges formed two straight lines on two sides, creating a walkway of opportunities to students surely to one day leave the nest at Camden County. On each side of this resourceful isle stood the representatives of institutes locking eyes with any curious student wandering and luring them to their table, information packets in one hand, and a free pen promoting their college/university in the other.

Strolling away from one of the institute tables smiling was Loreen Neal, a student who had spent the last six long semesters at CCC with the occasional summer classes deciding her major and earning her credits. Although it’s a transfer fair for next spring, Neal just found out Rutgers University is still taking applications for the fall. With excitement she says “I thought my only option left was Stockton because it took me so long to apply… Now I have a shot at a closer college. That 40 minute drive would have been tough [transporting to Stockton].

As advisor Ellen Davis stated, “Even after a deadline passes you never know!” It just goes to prove talking one on one with people affiliated with colleges gives students the chance to get the real deal on what’s going on.

Another CCC student, Jessica Bertino, was gliding along crowd. “I still have two more semesters left [at Camden County] but I got some [information] for me and my mom to go over”, says Bertino.

All in all, whether it is a scholar cramming to send through their applications, or a student taking the time and planning a tad slower, the Transfer Fair is a practical means of exploring the future. The room was flowing with noise of knowledge and communication. Today proved to be a success for many, as well as vastly informative.

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