Hundreds of students left the Cyber Café on Wednesday with smiles on their faces.  However, only a few dozen of them left with a particular reason for a smile.  Camden County College held its 2nd annual WebAdvisor Day on Wednesday, March 24th.  The event was held from 10am until 2pm.  After arriving on site at approximately 11:15am, a few students surrounded the balloon decorated six computer station that was reserved in the middle of the Cyber Café for the duration of the event.  Nevertheless, as the event continued more students came and went.

Some students arrived with dazed looks of confusion, others with their heads held high in confidence.  “That’s just it”, said Shanise, a federal work studies student at Camden County College, and one of the individuals who ran the event.  Shanise said, “Despite their knowledge of the interface coming into the event, everyone left with an equal knowledge going out.”  When asked if she had one thought about the event, Shanise responded, “I think the most important thing about working with WebAdvisor is to remember passwords, because it comes in use with your school email accounts as well.”  Many students were helping each other with the use of the program, which added to the already friendly environment.  After Speaking with many of the participants, there was a fair amount of people who all seemed to agree that the program was easy to use.  Samir Ahkah said, “It was a piece of cake!”

A packet was handed out to those individuals who participated as well as some people passing by the area.  Inside the six paged packet was information containing directions and tips on how to use WebAdvisor.  Students who were able to prove their knowledge with the program received and blue Camden County College lanyard. Despite there being a total of 51 participants, Jackie Tenuto, assistant to the Dean of students, described the event as a “success”.  Considering there were many students who participated in the event with knowledge of the program already, there sure seemed to be a lot of people stating “I didn’t know that”, or something along those lines.  Regardless of skill or knowledge with WebAdvisor, everyone walked out of the event with a better understanding of the program than before they walked in.

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