The sight of students upon students gathered in one area like a pack of cattle herded for pasture and the sounds of blaring music heard throughout campus. These signs mean one thing, it’s time for Camden County College’s Spring Fling and it was the main focus of this months SGA meeting. You might be asking yourself though what is the Spring Fling?  “The Spring Fling is just like the Welcome Back barbecue but bigger, it extends from the main courtyard to Jefferson Hall,” said SGA President Johnny Gil.

At this month’s meeting the SGA came together to prepare for this year’s Spring Fling.  This year’s Spring Fling will include some aspects seen at previous one’s and some new activities to make the event bigger and better than last year. According to the Assistant to the Dean Jackie Tenuto, there will be the three games from last year for the student’s to enjoy and plenty of food such as hamburgers and hot dogs but what makes this year different is that there will be over twenty tables including all the college clubs showing off what their club has to offer and some employment tables for anyone looking to find a job.

One of the club’s that will have a table is the Game Design Guild. “At the Spring Fling we will be showing two game designs that we have been working on,” said Chris Farley. Another club that will have a table is the Dead Poet’s Society where they will be presenting some of their poems. SGA President Johnny Gil also suggested to Dead Poet’s Society member Robyn Giles that it would be great if she could read a poem on the stage and to talk about the club.

Last but not least the SGA confirmed with WDBK 91.5 FM about this year’s music. “We have three acts playing this year, two acoustic and one band,” said station manager Jamie Myerson. Performing this year will be Evan Tyler, Nicki Spaffoni, and Endless Sacrifice. After the music is done WDBK will also have a table available for any students interested in the club. “We will have a table with club membership forms, WDBK flyers, T-shirts, and CD’s to give away,” said station manager Jamie Myerson. The Spring Fling is about having fun and this year won’t be any different. With everything in place the SGA are ready for the Spring Fling.

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