Recently, a band was rumored to be appearing at the Depfort Mall for an autograph signing. Those rumors we’re true. I was able to catch up with two very enthusiastic fan, one Ashley Reed and Ebonee Lomax for a candid interview to which they we’re both very jazzed to be apart of. Asking them what the first thing going through their minds when they finally got their tickets and were waiting in line to finally get up close and personal with this band, ms. Reed remarked that all that was going through her head was ‘don’t cry’ with a personal closeness and devotion to them, she had made a point not to cry until out of ear shot but her excitement was well received among the hundreds packed on the second floor. while ms. Lomax stated that she was in utter awe and amazement to be finally so close to them. Asking them what made them fans, they both replied that the music spoke to them and it was much more different from what it used to be or what they we’re forced to listen to. I found that asking them these simple questions, a light of joy happiness was always accompanied by a response. From laughter to nodding excitingly with similar reasons of why they love this band so much, to even going back to a more popular question of what was their favorite song was, one replied ‘Join me in Death’ which this journalist can agree with completely, The other one also loving everything the band has come together with said she loved ‘Wings of a Butterfly’. “Their is nothing that you can’t love about this band, they speak to everyone but honest and true fans really get the hidden meaning behind every song.” The band, HIM also known as ‘His Infernal Majesty’ was one moment these girls won’t forget and this journalist, a true fan won’t forget either.

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