by Tolga Ayakta

CCC will be participating in a competitive grant process, which will be accessible by community colleges. The “winning” schools will have the money spread out over a number of years. The stimulus money is expected to create an enhancement for students in terms of helping them succeed.

Most of the other New Jersey county colleges are anticipated to apply. Also, it is possible that the entire sector (All 19 county colleges in NJ) will apply as a consortium since; coalitions applying may receive preference in the proposal review process. The amount of money in either scenario (a single application or a coalition) will determine the level of funding.

The major focus of CCC when using the stimulus money would be areas of remediation and working with high school students to improve the likelihood of both groups to succeed in college. Students and their success are always the priorities of the college. William C. Thompson, Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Executive Director of Foundation said: “As to the success (or outcomes) of any efforts resulting from stimulus money funding – that is ultimately a partnership between our faculty/staff – and our students. Working together they make it happen.”

Many students at CCC take as many courses as they desire, and then transfer to four-year institutions. Besides, other students are still interested in taking courses that interest them when they have time, which helps them acquire a further knowledge and improve employment opportunities. With that background, CCC has approximately 16,000 credit students each semester, while CCC has served 311,207 credit students since 1967. In recent years, CCC has had about 1,500 formally graduate each year. Overall, CCC’s Graduation/Transfer rate is 29 percent. The stimulus money will help CCC to provide better service and generate enhanced transfer opportunities for its students.

CCC is looking forward to create the best out of the stimulus money to assist students on their objectives. Thompson stated: “With or without stimulus money, we continually work to ensure that whatever the goals of our students may be (Associate degree, certificate, a few courses, or a new skill) we are providing them the programs and supports to achieve those goals within their timeframe.”

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