It’s that time of the year again. Another semester is coming to a close at Camden County College, and with it, a hopeful and exciting conclusion to many students collegiate careers. But with the excitement comes the contrary; the worrisome and in some cases, suspicion, of a final grade. Well those individuals no longer have to worry about the fairness aspect of a final grade. Camden County College has created a final grade appeal policy, for all those who think they deserve a better final grade than the one they are given.
There are two cases in which this can be made possible; the first, a student must schedule an appointment with the instructor who taught the class in which the received the grade in. A scheduled appointment must be made and upon attending the appointment one must bring all relevant materials for the class. The instructor will then render a decision in ten days. If a decision is not made by then, the department chairperson or the program coordinator will be contacted in regards to resolving the issue. If the issue is still not resolved by this time, a Final Grade Appeal form must be submitted. Following the form submission, an appointment will be scheduled with either the instructor/faculty member or the academic dean. Following necessary meetings a final decision will be made and the student will be informed through writing. The requests are valid for any classes, however they must be initiated within 180 days from the end of the semester/session in which the grade was issued.
When asked about his thoughts on the policy, Mr. Conti said, “It’s hard to say.” Unaware of the policy, Conti, a math instructor at Camden County College said, “It really depends on if the student has a tenured or adjunct professor.” He said, “Tenured professors tend to have more freedom than adjuncts, so if an adjunct gets a complaint in something like this, it’s a potential job risk.” Bulent Yakub, a student studying criminal justice at Camden County College was also ignorant to the policy. However he said, “It’s a good idea because a lot of basic exams in a lot of classes are easy, but when it comes to the final examinations, they are just crazy, and that’s not fair to us as students.” The opportunity for a better grade is available. If you are one having issues with your final grade, you can contact The Advisement Center, or your respectful instructor for farther information.

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