On April 13th 2010 at 7 p.m, the Board of Trustees held a meeting in Camden County College in the Board room/Otto R. Mauke Community Center. In this meeting the Board discussed different issues and concerns of the Camden County College campus. They even handed out gifts to two lucky girls named Sarah DeLuna and Virginia Scardino. Sarah, 23, and Virginia, 22, are both Biology majors and both attend Camden County College. Graduation for both students is Spring of 2010. They were both congratulated for earning the Johnson Space Center Internship sponsored by NASA. In order to achieve this internship, Scardino and DeLuna had to do outside research and readings and create a project which was to plan a mission to Mars. They said that it took almost 3 months to finish their project. The Johnson Space Center Internship is giving them the opportunity to tour the space center and stay for 2 days in the facility. This space center is located in Houston, Texas and they will depart on May 20th and return on May 22nd of 2010. “It’s a good opportunity to have.” said Scardino. Everyone in the meeting applauded Sarah and Virginia while they were given their gifts from the Board. The gifts were 2 string book bags filled with a Camden County notebook, T shirt, and cap. The girls appreciated the gifts and even got to take photos with them and their families. “I’m really happy.” said DeLuna about her achievement. Such an opportunity should be taken for granted just like these two girls are taking it for granted right now. Being Biology majors this internship can take them farther than life itself. So once again, congratulations to Sarah DeLuna and Virginia Scardino for achieving the Johnson Space Center Internship sponsored by NASA. This will definitely be and experience they will never forget.

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