Karie Candelario

This Saturday April 24, CCC will be hosting its annual Open house for prospective students who wish to attend CCC in the near future. This event will be held in the Blackwood Campus Connector Building from 9-11 a.m. Everyone who is interested in attending CCC can benefit from this open house where they will be able to take a tour of the campus and obtain useful information such as learning about degree programs offered at the campus. There is an endless amount of degree programs to choose from depending on your goals and interests.

Not only can prospective students find out of the many interesting career programs CCC has to offer but they can also apply for admission and financial aid. Many of our faculty is available to assist with any questions or concerns. Prospective students can even choose to fill the application in person or apply online. After applying for admission prospective students can then take a placement test which will help CCC determine what classes will be appropriate for the student.

CCC’s open house is also a great opportunity to explore what student activities CCC has to offer and their numerous clubs and athletics. CCC has clubs such as the Urban Unity Club, Christian Connection Club, Bridges literary magazine, Game Design Guild, Dead Poets Society, and many more. Athletics include softball, golf and women’s and men’s baseball, basketball, and soccer teams.

Don’t miss out this opportunity to visit CCC’s Open House and become one of many students who are currently fulfilling their dreams!

For more information (856) 227-7200 or visit http://www.camdencc.edu

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