By: Karie Candelario

For students who are planning to start college, it may seem overwhelming. With the hassle of filling out paperwork, and not knowing where to begin or even getting accustomed to a new environment students may become frustrated.

CCC has made it easier for future students to ease there way through this process by providing a tutorial on the school website at www.camdencc.edu under the new student orientation link on the home page.

On the page you will find an introduction and also a guide on how to begin the enrollment process. There are five easy steps to doing this which include, taking the test, scheduling an appointment, seeing an advisor and paying the bill. All of these steps have an icon you can click on that explain how to successfully complete each one of these steps.

On the right of the page there is also a video that explains how to use the page to the students benefit .The student can follow the five easy steps and also learn how to navigate the school website to find useful information and answer some questions. In the video students can also see where CCC has its campuses located in Blackwood, Camden and Cherry Hill.

To make it even easier for new students there are also three slide presentations on the page that give you complete details on what to do. The first slide show Introduction tells the student what to expect from the slide shows. The second slide show titled Student Resources gives the student a complete guide to what resources there are to help you in the process with contact information.

The last slide show titled Tips gives you very useful tips that include starting out right, attending classes, planning out your schedule, being ready before school starts, knowing your teachers, being ready for class, getting involved and finally where to study.

This page on the CCC website is a great opportunity for new students to speed there process of enrollment and begin the right way with all the information they need in just one click away. Having this information available online makes it easier for those who are busy and for those who have access to the internet.

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