By: Alexa Mandes

If you look around Camden County College, you can see that there is quite a bit of diversity. Luckily, now, there are clubs that students can join to discuss what makes them unique. Trevor Powell, the President and creator of this club thought this would be a great way to give new students a warm welcome regardless of what their sexual orientation is. This club recently began in the spring semester of this past year and is already on its way to becoming successful.

According to Daniel McCall, a member of the GSA, students involved in the GSA will attend meetings and be involved in group discussions about a range of topics. “…we discuss different topics that range from sexuality in general, gender identity, sexual orientation (how it develops), homosexuality through history, homosexual rights, contemporary family structures, and what makes a family. The main topic we explore is how do people in our society view the gay community, how has this view developed, how has this view changed, and how can it change?” says McCall. Another interesting aspect of the group will be the political activity that the members can be a part of. They will have the opportunity to advocate for the rights of homosexuals for issues such as same-sex marriage and openly gay people being allowed to serve in the military. Community service, such as can food drives, fundraising, and social events to raise awareness of the club are all aspects that make this club unique.

Other than the obvious positives of having clubs at CCC, such as the social networking aspect, and meeting people with common interests, this club will bring more diversity to the campus. This generation seems to be a lot more accepting towards gay people. Gay people today don’t have as much trouble with being judged solely on the basis of being gay, at least not as much by our generation. The older generations seem to have older views and attitudes that could very possibly be changed by clubs such as this. Our already liberal school, according to McCall, has responded to the new club positively. They already have full support from the student body President, Johnny Gil.

The GSA has also partnered with two other CCC clubs. The Dead Poets Society and Owning our Ignorance may be merging in the future with the GSA for a large, new club that could really take CCC students by surprise. Look for this merger to happen in the near future!

This club could really be making changes for the gay, lesbian, transgendered, and bisexual students at CCC, as well as making changes for the students who could get involved with something so much bigger than themselves with the political activity and really get educated on this very modern topic. If anyone is interested in joining this group this club can be found on Facebook under “Gay-Straight Alliance, Camden County College.” There are also flyers posted around the school currently. Be sure to look out this upcoming fall semester for meetings and events for this up and coming club and the possible merger of two other unique CCC clubs!

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