By Kyle Whiteman
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Camden County College has recently undergone some big changes to combat traffic and parking problems.

The college ranks among the top five in the state and in the top one hundred nationwide in graduation and transfer rates, and has seen its student population grow over the past couple years. In 2010, the college has registered over 21,000 students (credit earners) and the need to expand accessibility and parking was great.

The main entrance to Camden County College on College Drive recently added traffic circles to combat congestion from students from the college and those using the recently added exit from Route 42, the town’s local highway.

“So far, we have been impressed with the way the roundabouts have eased the movement on and off campus,” says Susan Coulby, Camden County’s media relations manager. “Congestion has been eased now that there are more options for drivers to exit the campus.”

The traffic circles give structure like stop lights would, without actually stopping the flow of traffic. Given that a couple thousand students finish class and leave the school at the same times, constant flow of traffic is essential to prevent accidents and frustration.

The “Ring Road” is a road or series of roads that will completely surround whatever it is being built near. These roads will function to give full access to the campus that was otherwise not possible due to the athletics field. Now that students do not have to travel all the way around campus to get from CIM to Lincoln, a more functional campus will surely help to give access to parking lots and buildings.

Temporary parking on Peter Cheeseman Road has added a couple hundred new parking spots while the construction is being completed.

“It’s a relief to know I know there’s always somewhere to park now,” states Meredith Nazarok, a nursing major who is a 19-year-old sophomore from Laurel Springs, N.J. “I used to just park in reserved spots and get tickets because I couldn’t find a spot. It was really frustrating.”

A car travels on the main entrance to Camden County College. By Kyle Whiteman/CCC Journalism Program

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