By Samantha Messner
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Are you a smoker? If not, do you mind if others smoke around you?

Camden County College is a smoke-free campus; however, occasionally some students will rebel against the no-smoking rules. Even with neon signs announcing a $25 fine for smoking on campus, some still feel the need to light up on their way to class.

A sign announces the recent change on campus. By Samantha Messner/CCC Journalism Program

Sophomore Anna Richardson said she does not smoke and does not like others smoking around her.

“No, I do not smoke, smoking irks me and I hate the smell of it. It makes me gag and I dislike when people smell like cigarette,” Richardson said. “People shouldn’t be allowed to smoke on campus, yet they do. If it’s that big of a deal then there should be a designated area, but far from a common place where students would be.”

Some students who don’t smoke, however, don’t mind if others smoke around them. One of them is sophomore Brionna Scotton.

“I think students should be able to smoke in that large area on the side of the connector building where the benches are located,” Scotton suggested.

All five people interviewed about whether or not they wanted designated areas for smoking said if they had to choose, they would choose for the designated area to be outside. Absolutely no indoor smoking, they indicated.

The smoking policy at nearby Gloucester County College differs from that at Camden County College, said Jennifer Caruso, a freshman at Gloucester County College.

“You can smoke anywhere at GCC as long as you’re at least 25 feet away from the building doors,” Caruso said.

A worker at the Public Safety Office at CCC said she was not allowed to comment about whether surveys have been distributed asking students how they feel about the no-smoking rule on campus, referring requests for comment to Susan Coulby, the media relations manager at CCC. Coulby did not respond to requests for comment.

Those wanting to provide input about the smoking issue at CCC are encouraged to contact the Public Safety Office.

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