By Rich Wilson
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – In May of 2005, Camden County freeholders announced a transformation of Camden County College’s main campus in Blackwood, N.J. It was an $83 million project that has spanned across five years. The construction is projected to finish in a total of six years, undergoing a three-phase plan.

The project will demolish seven inefficient buildings, renovate two existing buildings, and construct three new buildings. Out of all of this will result a bigger campus, with more roads, land and athletic fields.

As to what he thought of the heavy construction at the school, Mark Gallagher, a student for the last two years at Camden County College, said, “It’s great for the school, it’s just annoying when you are taking a test and construction vehicles are driving by, it can really break your concentration.”

Christina McGlauglan, also a student for the past two years, said, “The school needs to do it to make sure it’s always getting better for the students. We just have to suck it up now so ultimately it is a much better campus.”

During the course of the plan, over half of the facilities on the campus have been involved with the construction.

As to what he thought of the plan and how it affected him, John Semola, a student for the last two and a half years, stated, “The new cybercafé is cool, but I hate always hearing loud equipment outside the windows, especially on test days. The school looks a lot better though.”

The changes are evident walking around Camden County College. Students are on board with the changes but do acknowledge it is frustrating at times.

McGlauglan also said, “It will be cool to see what it looks like when it’s all finally done.”

Construction equipment operates on the Blackwood campus. By Rich Wilson/CCC Journalism Program

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