By Jasmine Lewis
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Are you having some trouble with the content of a subject or two? If so, there is tutoring available for students attending Camden County College.

There are steps in getting help from a tutor, and there are things students can do to help a tutor help them. In addition, there are things students can expect from their tutor.

Tutoring is offered to all students enrolled at Camden County College. There are three tutoring centers. One is located on the third floor of the library at the Blackwood Campus. Another is located at the Camden Campus on the fifth floor in 514C. The last tutoring center is at the Rohrer Center E-library.

There are certain times for each subject in the tutoring centers. Some subjects being tutored have more students than other subjects, so sometime students will be tutored in small groups. If one wants to improve his or her grades or just needs extra help, he or she can go to tutoring.

Mickie Molina, a student who received tutoring said, “Tutoring helped me pass my math class that I was really struggling with. The tutor really took his time and made sure I understood everything.”

Tutors have expectations of the students. One is that they want to see one attempted to try the things he or she is having trouble with. Another is that he or she should have questions prepared before the tutoring session.

In addition, students have expectations of the tutors. Students expect the tutor to be patient and helpful. Tutoring centers can and do get full for some subjects such as math, so it is best to sign up as soon as one realizes they need external help.

There is also online tutoring available 24/7 so one can receive help even when tutoring locations are closed.

Tavia Crafton, who is also a student who received tutoring, said, “So far tutoring has done nothing but help me, and if it were not for the tutoring I may not have passed my class last semester.”

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