By Brittany Chambers
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Enforcement of the new no smoking law at Camden County College has caused controversy.

The law, which started this fall, prohibits smoking anywhere on campus. Those caught smoking are subject to a $25 fine.

Between Madison Hall and Taft Hall between classes on a recent day, at least five students were smoking next to no smoking signs. Staff members walked by them without saying a word.

“I smoke here every day I have class this semester and have still never been asked to put out my cigarette or been ticketed,” said one of the students, John Miller.

As to how many tickets they have written under the no smoking on campus law, public safety representatives said, “We do not keep statistics about how many tickets we write.”

Student Ashley Spigleham said no smoking signs without enforcement behind them do not have an effect on her.

“Why would I stop smoking on campus just because they put up some signs saying not to?” she asked. “I understand that it’s a rule, but if it is not enforced with any tickets, then why would I stop smoking on campus when many others are doing the same thing I am and are not getting in trouble as well?”

A student smokes in the background behind a sign showing the fine for smoking on campus. By Brittany Chambers/CCC Journalism Program

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