By Sanger C.
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Between Nov. 1 and Dec. 10, 2010, Camden County College in partnership with a local South Jersey social service agency is hosting a coat drive to benefit people who will need a coat throughout the harsh upcoming winter months.

Contributors are asked to donate coats that are in good condition: gently worn and clean. Any size and length will be taken. Light jackets will also be accepted.

Jacqueline Tenuto, assistant to the dean of students, states, “This coat drive is a demonstration of an active community service.” Students and faculty shall not only see this as an opportunity to give to others, but as an opportunity to get into the spirit of giving.

Tenuto continues, saying, “The gift of giving (should be your motivation) when you see some who are less fortunate, and included in the number who are less fortunate are some of our own students.”

One coat given is one more person who will benefit from the school’s efforts. According to statistical information regarding Camden County College, there are between 15,000 and 19,000 students enrolled. If each student gives one coat, there will be roughly 15,000 to 19,000 coats to donate.

Tenuto also states, “Sometimes, we have to give things to people; thus, with this coat drive, the thought of giving up something of our own and sharing what we have with others becomes a reality.”

Renee Pollard, secretary at the Student Life and Activities Office, also urges students to “give what they can.”

Last year, the school’s efforts provided coats for the shelters in Camden City. Upon the conclusion of the coat drive, a count will be taken. The number of coats that are donated will determine which local social service agency will receive the school’s donations.

Rich Tanner, a student at Camden County College, said, “Generosity is often overlooked if it goes beyond a person’s comfort. I think this coat drive is a good thing for our school to do because outside of my family, I’ll be giving to a complete stranger, and that’s cool.”

Coats may be dropped off on the Blackwood campus in the College Community Center in the second floor lobby, on the Rohrer Center in Cherry Hill campus in the lobby, and on the Camden campus in the technology center on the first floor.

This year, the coat drive is running simultaneously with a food drive that will benefit the South Jersey Food Bank.

Jacqueline Tenuto and Renee Pollard of the Student Life and Activities Office help with the 2010 Camden County College Coat Drive. By Sanger C., CCC Journalism Program

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