By: Rich Wilson
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Members of the Camden County College community have an opportunity to help those in need during the college’s annual food and coat drives, which began Nov. 1 and will continue until Dec. 10.

Posters promote the food and coat drives at Camden County College. By Richard Wilson, CCC Journalism Program

All three campuses – the Blackwood Campus, the Rohrer Center Campus in Cherry Hill, and the Camden Campus – are hosting the two drives and share the motto keep others warm this winter. Donations can be made in the community center in Blackwood, the lobby in the Rohrer center, and the technology center in the first floor hall in the Camden campus.

At any time as long as the schools are open, you can try to lend a helping hand. The bins for each are always out available through all hours of the day. The food drive is going to benefit the Food Bank of South Jersey. For the coat drive, the more coats that are pulled together, the more people the college campus can help in the future. The food and coat drives have become an annual event for the college and are looked forward to by many.

“I think it’s great. If you have an old coat that you don’t wear anyway, you could really help someone out, probably more than people know,” said Kyle Tracone, a second-year student at Camden County College. “Anytime there is a food and/or coat drive, if I can, I always try to help out.”

Gabriel Valentine, another student at the college, said, “Even when I was in grade school or in high school, if I was ever able to give I would.”

As to the benefits one coat can have for a person, Valentine said it can mean a lot, “especially because I know I have older jackets and hoodies that either I do not wear or I grew out of.

“If I ever needed a coat or in a rough situation, I would hope someone else would give a coat rather than throw it away,” Valentine said.

The drives are sponsored by Student Life and Activities located in the College Community Center, Room 200 on the Blackwood campus.

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