By Henry Grant
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD — The time has finally come. Camden County College’s basketball season will begin on Nov. 11. After months of preparation, players will finally get their chance to get on the court and show their stuff.

Some of the players have been physically and mentally preparing for this moment since as early as June.

“It doesn’t feel real, I mean the fact that after all this practicing and getting ready that the moment is going to be here in a matter of days. It just feels surreal,” said male player Joe Santone.

Not all the players feel the same way as he does, however. Female player Ashley Certo said she’s been waiting for this game for a long time.

“A lot of the girls, as well as myself, have had this day marked on our calendars a long time. They (Cecil Community College) have no idea what they’re in for,” Certo stated about if she thought the team was ready for the game.

The women’s team will open against Cecil Community College on Nov. 11, while the men will open against Montgomery County College on Nov. 16. While neither of these two schools are CCC’s rivals, the two games are still significant.

“This is when you come out and set the tone for the rest of the season,” said player Joe Di’alonzo. “It’s extremely important to start off strong.”

And that’s exactly what the teams will look to do. The first team practice and workout were in August. Since then, many of the players have whipped themselves into great shape. Individual skill, however, isn’t all it takes for the team to win. Teamwork is also very important, and all of the players know that.

“We’re more than a team, we’re a family,” said Santone. “We laugh together, we work together, we joke together, and when the going gets tough, we pull together, just like a family.”

With a mindset like that, the team looks inclined to be very successful this year. In a poll of students in the school, 92 percent said they believed both the men’s and women’s teams will win.

The Camden County College basketball teams play their home games in this gymnasium. By Henry Grant, CCC Journalism Program

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