By Richie Sweeten
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Camden County College students have created a video game.

The Blackwood campus of Camden County College has a game design program at the end of the fall semester that shows off the game they made in a presentation open to the public. The details of the presentation have not yet been announced.

This presentation will be showing off the game they have been working on all semester or even a whole year, depending on what class they are in. After the presentation, they will have a question and answer for all the attendees of the presentation as well as a chance to purchase the game the students have created.

The game design program is a relatively new program in the school’s course guide.

Anthony D’aprile, an alumnus of the program, said the program consists of four courses. In the first course students design a game. It does not get created but the concept of having a game put on paper and ready to be made are addressed. The second course is one semester long and in those four months students make a basic video game. The game only has to have a few levels and some basic features. The third and fourth courses take a year to complete and in that year students develop a longer game than the previous one with many new features.

“You break up into different groups like the art team, marketing, producer, sound, and finally the programmers. You all have different jobs and it teaches you what it is like to be in the industry and the stress of making a game,” D’aprile said.

“One of the most interesting parts of the program is working with the torq graphics and physics engine. When creating a game there are laws of physics built in the program that follows the real world’s laws of gravity and physics. These laws can be broken but when creating a game of small caliber such as the ones in the game design program it is best to limit what you do just so you can have core game play and best results.”

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