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Soon-to-be graduate looks to start career

By Jasmine Lewis
CCC Journalism Program

GLASSBORO – Zachary Rosica, a 23-year-old student, is graduating in the spring with a bachelor’s degree in health and exercise.

He graduated from Palmyra High School. While in high school, Rosica played soccer, basketball and baseball. Once he graduated, he attended Burlington County College for three years. He then transferred to Rowan University, where he is now.

While at Burlington County College, Rosica said he started to take it easy.

“At BCC it was too easy, to the point where I started to slack off,” he stated.

He then had to stay there an extra year because of that. Once he transferred to Rowan University, he majored in civil engineering. Rosica realized later he wanted to go in another direction, because civil engineering involved too much math.

He lived on campus for one semester but now commutes to school from home.

“I like going to Rowan because it’s like a small community, and you get to know everyone. Also the teachers are friendly and helpful,” he said.

He changed his major from civil engineering to health and exercise because he likes working with children and wants to change the growing rate of obesity. He also said he wants to have a career in physical education because he has been participating in sports his whole life.

To get his bachelor’s, he has to keep at least a 2.7 grade point average and pass the Praxis Test one and two. He will have attended Rowan for three years as well once he graduates in the spring.

Rosica works at Walls Elementary School in Pittman, N.J. for the Panther Club After School Program. Once he graduates, he wants to keep living at home until he finds a job at a school as a physical education teacher. Once he gets a job, his salary will depend on where he works and how much experience he has.

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