By Richie Sweeten
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Eric Day, a student at Camden County College for seven semesters, has decided what he wants to do after he graduates. Following the end of this semester, he will have his associate’s in criminal justice and will be attending the police academy in the spring.

Day started at Camden County College in Blackwood in the fall of 2007 as a film major. He grew up loving and wanting to make zombie movies. Realizing a few semesters after that the film career was not a practical idea, he decided to use his knowledge of martial arts for good by becoming a police officer. He has been studying martial arts for eight years and has achieved a second black belt in karate.

Now seven semesters later in 2010, he is ready to go further into his career. He is ready to start his new life not as a student but as an officer trainee.

Some of his best memories were when his battery died in his Jeep and getting on the president’s list three semesters in a row.

“When getting the president’s list that many times in a row, it gave me a sense of achievement,” Day said as he studied and hoped to be on the list for a fourth time in a row.

“I just remember leaving my Jeep as I go to class not noticing that my lights are on. As I came back, it got darker and my lights were very dim,” Day said as he reminisced about having to get a cop to jump his car after his battery died while he was at school.

As to what he would tell future criminal justice students, Day said, “Stay focused, work hard and get that degree because it will help you in the end.”

“He is a great guy and I’m going to miss him dearly when he is done,” said a fellow student at Camden County College.

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