By Brian Palmer
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – The goal of the 2010-2011 Camden County Cougars is, said guard Joe Santone, is “to win Region 19.”

The team took one more step toward that goal this Tuesday. The team faced Atlantic Cape Community College and dismantled them 93-58 to improve to 5-1 in the young season.

Before the game Coach Michael Sherlock explained to the group the difference between 211 degrees and 212 degrees. His point was at 212 degrees water starts to steam, whereas at 211 degrees it does not.

The team took the coach’s words and exploded.
The game started with two dunks by forward Jarid Barringer. The dunks were just what the team needed to get started. From there center DeLeon Floyd dominated the game.

Sherlock has been emphasizing to him to use his size to dominate the competition. Floyd heard the message loud and clear with a double-double performance.

To force turnovers Sherlock pressed Atlantic Cape CC. Sophomore guard Santone also helped the team with two 3-pointers and a layup. By the end of the game it was a blowout.

“Coach gave us 3 hours to forget about it,” said Santone.

The reason was at the end of the game it was 9 o’clock and after the three hours it would be midnight. There would be no reason to remember a game that had passed. Also, a very important rivalry match was coming against Gloucester County College on Thursday.

This Camden County Cougars team knows they are good and they know what they must do to win Region 19. At 5-1 they sit in a comfortable position to win Region 19. With teams from New York, Delaware and Eastern Pennsylvania left to play the Camden County Cougars are getting their minds mentally right for a rigorous season ahead.

The Cougars men’s basketball team beat Atlantic Cape Community College on Tuesday. Photo provided

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