By Alex Orlando
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – College students love to gather together in big social crowds to have fun and especially get free giveaways.

Wednesday’s luncheon including artists drawing caricatures of students. By Alex Orlando, CCC Journalism Program

Camden County College Blackwood campus had such an event on Wednesday, hosted by the Student Activities Committee. This was a free luncheon to all students of the campus. The committee offered a free buffet of hot sandwiches and a wide variety of soft drinks.

The typical college student jumps at the sound of free food and that is exactly what happened Wednesday. Students piled in the Connector lobby to form long lines that wrapped around the hall to get their free food.

Yelitza Rivera, a student at Camden County College, got in line and said, “I could smell the food from Madison Hall and I could not resist the thought of free food. Why spend money on the food when you can get it for free?”

The luncheon also offered free caricatures by three different artists. Students piled in line and jumped at the chance to see what they would look like animated.

Monica Hatten, a student at Camden County College, waited in line to get her caricature done and she said, “I’m so nervous to get this done. I have never got one done before and I am scared he is going to mess me up.”

Every student was excited to get theirs done.

The college’s radio station, WDBK, was in attendance to play music and liven the mood. They gave out handouts to all students as well.

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