By: Stephen Eckert

CCC Social Network

Camden County College can now be found on various popular social networks in hopes of reaching more students.

CCC has recently joined the social network game and can now be found on Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube.

In the near future, the college will unveil a redesigned official homepage that integrates all of the college’s current social networks and their most recent website, “C3″. Students also will be able to surf the web for their online classes while seeing what CCC is up to via their Twitter account.

Rosemary Schamp, dean of Communications and Enrollment at CCC, is in charge of running the content and pages for the college. In a recent interview, Schamp explained how the college stays up to date with students.

“We look at what our students are doing and what social media networks are appropriate for the college,” Schamp explained.

Schamp, along with an assistant, run the sites together. Schamp is in charge of the full operation and Stacey, her assistant, puts together the content. Stacey constantly checks the college’s most popular network, Facebook.

“We have around 3,000 fans, Facebook is definitely our most popular social media network,” she said. “If students put a question on Facebook, usually by the time I comment on there to give an answer, another student has already helped them out.”

With tweets through their Twitter account and posts on their Facebook page, the duo stays on point to make sure fresh content is delivered daily.

CCC hopes to make its new website “C3” up to par with its Facebook account as well as a daily “hang out” spot for students. With integration of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube all on one site, the college plans to reach students at a one-stop online community.

“We’ve done some little napkin holder promotions which can be seen in the cafeteria,” Schamp said of the promotion of C3. “We try to spread the word on Facebook, too.”

Another popular feature for CCC is iTunes U. The college now lets students download podcasts, lectures, videos, and even holiday songs.

“There’s lectures, interviews with professors, there’s a lot of cool stuff up there,” Stacey said. “A new holiday song is even up on iTunes U that students recorded.”

Schamp said CCC will not use social media networks exclusively to notify students about information or events.

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