By Sophia Gonzalez
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – The attendance policy at Camden County College has been an issue for many students, who questioned whether it favors quality or quantity.

The attendance policy for the college states students are allotted six absences and three latenesses equals an absence. Professors are allowed to make their own attendance policy and restrict the students the way they please.

Keli Hall, a full-time student, said the attendance policy “sucks because some teachers are more lenient than others.” Hall was hospitalized for a week and was penalized because she exceeded her absences in class and was afraid for her grade. She said she feels college is the students’ responsibility and they shouldn’t be penalized over attendance, because this is not high school.

Some students said they feel paying for their education, so it shouldn’t matter how many times they attend. As long as their work is done on time and they’re passing their exams, it shouldn’t matter how many times they come to class.

Another student, Kaitlyn Ranieri, said she felt the attendance policy was “stupid and I hate the attendance policy.” As to whether she attends every class, she said she doesn’t and she doesn’t always feel like it.

Another student, Samantha Ortiz, said she thought the attendance policy was fine and it didn’t affect her. She stated, “We shouldn’t have an attendance policy because it should be up to the students if they choose to attend class.”

Gerald Williams, an adjunct professor for intercultural studies, said he doesn’t like attendance policies but he understands they are a way to create a structure and a routine of schooling. He said he doesn’t feel attendance equals mastery in the subject, but students should attend classes.

Williams said students learn differently and the biggest part of college is learning how you learn. He said if students decides to waste their money it’s fine but when the tuition costs start to break down they’re wasting the school’s time as well.

He said he won’t fail his students because of attendance but they won’t receive an A. He said they will receive a grade for their work.

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