By Valarie Zayszly
CCC Journalism Program

CAMDEN – Conditions in the College Hall building at the Camden campus have started improving since the summer of 2010.

Standing tall since 1991, the College Hall has had some rough wear and tear. From years of old carpeting to small, rugged desks, this building has shown some change.

Frankie Fontanez, a human services major at the Camden campus, said he’s “happy that the bathrooms and carpeting in the classrooms were re-done, though the water fountains still don’t work.” As to whether the cleanliness of the classrooms has any effect on the education of students, Fontanez said, “It actually does affect us as students because when the classroom looks clean, it makes you want to take the class seriously.”

Matthew McHugh, a community service officer on the campus, said he thinks a bit differently about the improvement. “I think the conditions of the College Hall are the same as the Taft and Jefferson building on the Blackwood campus,” said McHugh. The bathrooms have shown a great amount of improvement, with new counter tops and soap dispensers.

Though the College Hall building may have been in poor condition, Eileen Watson, a customer service specialist at the campus, said she thinks that for a 20-year-old building, it has been through a lot and come a long way. Watson said, “When the campus was also where Leap Academy is, next door, there was no air conditioning, but surprisingly the building was still filled with students. If students are getting what they need and learning what needs to be learned, then they should continue to see the good in the campus.”

As to whether the conditions and atmosphere of the classrooms affect students, Watson said, “Absolutely, it’s not just the cleanliness, it’s the overall attitude of the campus. Students are more inclined to want to stay there when it’s clean.”

Eileen Watson, customer service specialist, works at the computer lab across the street from the College Hall. By Valarie Zayszly, CCC Journalism Program

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