By Jose Santiago
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Some changes are planned in the Camden County College curriculum. Mel Robert, dean for business, said there will be new programs in math, health and science careers.

Course catalogs contain information about changes in a curriculum. By Jose Santiago, CCC Journalism Program

The new programs will be Human Services – Developmental Disabilities Option, Environmental Science Option, and Addictions Counseling.

The Human Services – Developmental Disabilities Option is a transfer program that will provide students with the knowledge needed to work at an entry level neuro-clinical facility and to prepare students to be able to deal with the developmentally disabled.

The Environmental Science Option is a transfer program for students who are interested in environmental science. It will give students the knowledge needed to be able to work in an entry-level position for any environmental science related jobs.

Addictions Counseling is a program that will teach students the skills needed to pursue a career in addictions counseling.

These changes are in progress now and will continue through the coming semesters. This is fortunate for any new students coming this fall semester who are interested in those career choices.

Luan Ta, a 19-year-old student at Camden County College, finds one of these new programs interesting. Luan wants to work with developmentally disabled children and said he feels this new course is exactly what he needs to pursue his career choices. He is in a criminal justice transfer program but is considering changing to the Human Services – Developmental Disabilities Option.

He said, “Now that they have this program, I definitely want to take advantage of it and sign up for it, because that is something I really want to do.”

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