By Laura Wade
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – The Board of Trustees met last Tuesday to discuss matters for the spring semester. The main concern was the tuition increase planned to start in the summer 2011 semester.

Students look at scholarship notices after hearing about the tuition increase. By Laura Wade, CCC Journalism Program

Because state funding is down this year, tuition is said to increase $5 per credit, $10 for international students and $2 credit/course fee. For the fall, if a student takes 12 credits, that’s an extra $84 with the new tuition increase. It may not look like a lot to some, but many students are questioning how affordable Camden County College is really going to be for them.

“I have to pay for college myself and working a part-time job a few days a week doesn’t leave me much room to come up with the money for a tuition increase,” said full-time student Stephanie Filippo. “Even though it’s only increasing $5 a credit, it’s still going to be a struggle for me to come up with that extra money. I have to pay for books too and they’re getting more expensive every semester so I’m not sure how I’ll be able to pull this off.”

Tuition this year was $96 a credit for in-county residents and $170 a credit for international students. Starting in the summer semester, tuition for in-county students will be $101 and international students will pay $180 a credit. So for that student taking 12 credits a semester, instead of paying $1,152 for their credits, they’ll be paying $1,212.

Some students were unaware tuition was planned on increasing.

“It is?” said first semester student Amanda Lee. “I’m glad this hasn’t been brought to anyone’s attention yet. Shouldn’t we be getting news about this? Even if they just had the meeting a couple days ago this should be the biggest news on campus.”

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