By Carlie Fiorentini
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Some students say the prices in the cafeteria in Madison Hall are a bit too high.

“A lot of the prices are reasonable. It’s just a few things that should be changed, like the chicken tenders. You get three dry chicken tenders for $5,” said full-time student Raevyn Rogers.

She added one of her friends claims he got sick from eating them. “Still to this day we are not sure why he got sick, but he swears it was from the chicken,” Rogers said.

But she said some things in the cafeteria are to her liking. “There are a few things that are great about this café, for instance the cheese steaks,” Rogers said. “Not only are they delicious but they are not too expensive.”

Although paying $10 for a meal may not sound too bad, Rogers said it tends to add up. “The café is a good thing once or twice a week but college is basically training you to be an adult,” she said. “As an adult you have to pay for everything from car insurance to gas. Sometimes you do not get enough financial aid and you’re stuck spending hundreds on books, so sometimes that $10 for a meal is just not in the budget.”

The cafeteria offers a variety of choice, but some say it seems all the healthier foods are more expensive than the greasier foods.

Shanalle Brooks, a friend of Rogers, who ate at the cafe for the first time a few days ago, stated, “Back at my school (The College of New Rochelle) the salads were the cheapest thing. It was an easy way to stay healthy. This cafe’s salads are definitely better but I think they should be cheaper. It advocates healthy eating.”

Brooks said she mainly enjoyed the food in the cafeteria and the prices were reasonable.

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