By John Semola
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Several current, former and non-students alike expressed support recently for the Egyptian people in this time of political revolution.

Tim Donahue holds the book History of Egypt by Michael Hagg. By John Semola, CCC Journalism Program

Former Camden County College student Tim Donahue said of the situation in Egypt, “If the government isn’t going to listen to what its people has to say, I feel the people have a right to stage protests and converge to overthrow the power and take control. How long does a government expect its people to sit there and keep living unhappily. To be honest, general public can only take so much … until they feel it’s time for change and to see what other political actions can be done.”

Non-student Will Chambers stated simply, “I hope the people get what they want.” His statement reflected the feeling of several others, that all anyone really wants is to be safe and happy, political oppression is being brought into the limelight and is showing the true potential of a determined people, and the citizen in all of us has no choice but to root for the oppressed.

“I find it inspiring that people are realizing their ability to make a change,” said Camden County College Andrew Herman about his feelings about the events in Egypt.

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