By: Cathy Poston

Photojournalism Major

The Disability Services Offices (DSO) is a practical, down-to-earth program that aims to help students become self-sufficient advocates for their own needs and rights.

As a support service, it is a self-help program that emphasizes rights and responsibilities and at the same time safeguards the academic integrity and standards of college courses and programs.

Reasonable accommodations are provided on a case by case basis according to the documentation submitted. Accommodations may include:

  • extended time to complete tests, quizzes, exams
  • distraction free environment
  • note takers
  • readers and/or scribes
  • use of assistive technology

Currently there are approximately 360 students receiving services through the DSO program.


Joanne Kinzy- Program Director

AnneMarie Hoyle- Program Coordinator

Joanne Kinzy working on a student file

AnneMarie working on note taker paperwork











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