Sonni Lyons

Intro to journalism

Camden County College’s baseball team, lead by head coach Kenneth Bouillon, only has one thing in their sights, the World Series championship ring.

This upcoming season holds great glory for the team.

 “It’s about having these guys get my trust, I am in the battle with them.”  said Bouillon.

 Last season, their record stood at 30-10, also a record for Bouillon, his best season yet as coach at CCC.

Spring training for the boys takes place in Myrtle Beach. Pre-season has been treating them well so far. Besides having to shovel snow off their fields, the team has been more focused than ever. 

The team this year has a good mix of small ball hitters along with power hitters.

John Merkh, a third- year pitcher is, majoring in business/education, is excited about the upcoming season but can’t wait to watch a freshman player known as “P.S., Pedro Sanchez.”

 Sanchez played shortstop at Winslow Township High school.

Holding a ring himself as a player at Gloucester County College,  Bouillon wants to celebrate the unforgettable moment with his team this season.

Merks with pride and belief quoted his coach, “You’re not winning unless you’re having fun.”

Big rival games to look for are against Brookdale County College and Gloucester County College.

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