By Eden Aroshas
CCC Journalism Program

CHERRY HILL – On April 5, 2011, the Katz JCC will be hosting the United Nations Holocaust Commemoration Day, a well-known annual event.

The ceremony will feature a film titled, “Irena Sendler – In the Name of Their Mothers,” a story of a network of young polish women who risked their lives to save thousands of Jewish children from the Warsaw Ghetto. Following the movie, Dr. Paul Winkler, the executive director of the NJ Commission on Holocaust Education, will be present and open to interviews.

Beginning at 7 p.m., the ceremony will take place at the Katz JCC, 1301 Springdale Road, Cherry Hill. Andrea Freedman, an organizer of this annual event, advises to purchase tickets early.

“It will be packed,” Freedman said. “We have a very supportive audience, which seems to grow more and more every year.”

Admission at the door will be $12, while ordering tickets in advance will amount to $10. Tickets may be purchased at http://www.jcrcsnj.org, or by calling 856-751-9500.

“It is absolutely worth every penny,” Freedman said. “This film is especially riveting … it is a very powerful film, not to mention based on a true story.”

As to what to expect at this event, Freedman shyly nodded. “Expect to be moved, to be surrounded by people who care and who will never forget what happened during World War II. Expect to feel sadness at their struggles, pain at their failures and an unexplainable feeling of accomplishment when they succeed.”

Winkler will be available afterward for a Q and A.

“Dr. Winkler really knows his stuff,” Freedman smiled. “Make sure you save your questions, he would be more than happy to answer all of them.”

The United Nations Holocaust Commemoration Day is open to anyone in the community and welcomes members of all faiths to attend. Freedman strongly advises anyone to attend, for it is an event she holds so dear to her heart.

“I hope people find the time to attend this event,” Freedman said. “It is truly a moving and important experience to any who are present. And if you see me there, please don’t hesitate to say hello.”

The ceremony will take place at the Katz JCC in Cherry Hill. By Eden Aroshas, CCC Journalism Program

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