By Julianne Bohley
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Earth Day is going to be celebrated in a big way at Camden County College.

Every year, the biology department at the college educates students and the public about the environment around them. On April 18 at the Camden City campus and April 22 at the Blackwood campus, that trend will continue.

The event will consist of various speakers and informational tables that will enable the public to learn about the environment. Carolyn Szutarski, a professor of the biology department, is organizing the event and is completely aware of why an occasion like this is so essential.

“Holding this event is so important because we need to make people aware of environmental issues,” Szutarski said. “This event brings awareness to where we’re at environmentally and what’s really happening.”

Jennifer Ruegg, a second-year Camden County student whose major is sign language interpretation education, is eagerly looking forward to the event.

“I am definitely going to the Earth Day event.” Ruegg said. “It’s a wonderful idea to educate people on what’s going on with the world.”

Students like Ruegg shouldn’t be disappointed. On the Blackwood campus, there will be many presentations, including a presentation on the preservation of wildlife habitats in New Jersey. These seminars will take place at Civic Hall and will begin at 9 a.m.

Not unlike the Blackwood campus, the Camden City campus event will consist of numerous presentations. Many speakers, including Andy Kricun of the Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority and Sarah Marks of Cooper’s Ferry Development Association, will be visiting the campus in an attempt to educate the public.

Szutarski believes that this event is even more important due to the fact that it deals with the environment in a local point of view.

“This Earth Day event is on what is happening right here,” Szutarski said. “When everyone talks about the environment, they’re talking about the big picture. We’re talking about what’s happening right here.”

Szutarski hopes that talking about the environment from a local standpoint will encourage students to get out and volunteer. She believes that awareness of the issues will give students the push they need in order to go do that.

“The people at Camden always want volunteers to help, so if students are interested they should contact our department and we can get them interested in organizations that are environmentally based,” Szutarski said.

The atrium of the Connector Building will be transformed into an educational center where tables will display information on the environment. By Julianne Bohley, CCC Journalism Program

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