By Dan McDevitt
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – During the week of May 9 to 13, Camden County College will be holding its annual spring concert in Lincoln Hall-Dennis Flyer Memorial Theatre. The concert, which will be held in the evening, will be directed by Professor Michael Billingsley.

Billingsley, 34, a graduate of the University of the Arts, has directed many concerts during his tenure teaching at Camden County College, including last winter’s concert.

Like many of the students, Billingsley is enthusiastic about this upcoming spring concert and is excited to see how well his understudies perform. “These students have worked hard all semester to improve their skills in both their playing technique and how well they play the new material,” says the director.

The concert will feature many different styles of music. The student performers will play covers of famous songs such as “You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello”-The Beatles and “The Wind Cries Mary”-Jimi Hendrix. The show will also include classical etudes, smooth jazz hits, and mix in some contemporary popular music.

Two separate groups will play. Each group will include a lead singer, percussionist, bassist, pianist, rhythm and lead guitarist, and an assortment of brass and woodwind instrument players. Although some instrumentalists are yet to be assigned to a group, one particular player cannot wait to take the stage in May.

Eric Robert MacIntire, 18, a freshman at Camden County College and a 2010 graduate of Baptist Regional High School, has anticipated the spring concert since the semester began. “I’m excited to show my classical talent to the whole audience and to help the band with the concert,” says MacIntire.

Playing in his second concert at the college, MacIntire says his passion is performing in front of gatherings and giving the people beautiful music to enjoy. “After the concert, I don’t plan to stop my musical career. I plan on going to Rowan and become a music education major,” he says.

MacIntire isn’t the only artist with that goal. Many of the performers plan to go on to four-year universities and continue their careers.

“It’s so important for these young artists to enhance and showcase their skills after high school at Camden CC before going to other colleges, so I would encourage everyone to come out and see these talented individuals at the spring concert,” Billingsley says.

The spring concert is free to the public and all are welcome to attend.

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