By: Cathy Poston

Photojournalism Major


The Honors Program is an opportunity open to students pursuing an associate degree in any major. The program includes small, seminar-style Honor sections of general education courses that are already required for AA, AS AFA and AAS degrees.

These smaller classes create a supportive but rigorous academic community, and there are special social, academic and scholarship opportunities that have been created exclusively for Honors Program students.

In addition to classes and social opportunities, Honors Program students are required to participate in three campus-based cultural or service events. All of this helps students make the most of their experience at CCC and to be better prepared for the process of transfer to a four-year college or university according to the Take the Challenge pamphlet distributed at CCC.

A side note; Professor Hoheisel is 2010 Lindback Distinguished Teacher of the Year.

I went to Professor Jen Hoheisel’s Tue and Thurs class. They meet at 9:30am in Madison Hall room 301. The topic of the morning was their homework on Genetics and the manipulation of cells. Is it a positive or negative that cells can be manipulated? Immediately upon entering the class, you notice that the size of the class is much smaller, so much so, they are able to sit in a circle in the middle of the room. Of the 13 students in the class that morning, 6 of them are nursing students and 2 of them are biology majors. The other 5 have different varying majors. An interesting mix of majors.


Honors Class: Christina, Cynthia, Amanda, Michael, Tim, Allison, Shakeena

Honors Class: Bushra, Angeli, Brittney, Chris

Honors Class: Chris, Bonnie and Loris

Honors Class: Loris and Professor Hoheisel

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