By Joe Moffa
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD — Hong Kong native Sherman Lee came to America and made a turnaround after a rough childhood.

Lee was born in heavy populated Hong Kong, China. Life was normal for him up until he turned 13 years old. This is when his life hit a rough patch.

Lee wound up moving to England, where he attended boarding school. He had no family or anything there to back him up or live with him. Lee was alone rooming at an all-boys school. Lee did not have a job so he had no way of making money or getting food. His family would send him 100 U.S. dollars every four months. This was not enough for him but he said he found a way to adapt.

Thirteen-year-old Lee needed to find a way to make more and so he decided to go to the local pub. Lee used his $100 to gamble on soccer games to try to make more money.

“I was afraid I would lose money, but I did my research before gambling anything away.”

Lee did this every four months and kept increasing his funds so he could live comfortably and not have to be stingy with his money. After leaving boarding school, Lee moved to America and settled in Blackwood, New Jersey. Lee found much success in Blackwood. He decided to continue his education at Camden County College, taking night classes working for a computer major. He has not decided which field of computers he wants to get into.

Lee met his girlfriend in Blackwood, too. They came to find out they lived only 10 minutes from each other back home in Hong Kong. They have been dating almost as long as Lee has been living here. He is not struggling with money as he found a job at UPS working part time.

“My work schedule and school schedule are tough to handle, but I do know it will pay off.”

As to whether he would ever go back to gambling money, he responded, “I never thought about it, but I was really good at it.”

Lee looks to graduate from college next year and is not yet sure if he will transfer to a four-year school to further pursue his major.

Sherman Lee resides in this apartment complex down the street from Camden County College in Blackwood. By Joe Moffa, CCC Journalism Program

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