By Christopher Ly

BLACKWOOD – a faculty member from Camden County College, Patricia (Patty) Keller, is a team member to all students on campus.

Keller, a former college athlete, started working at CCC on January 31st. Keller wants to be able to take the athletic program to the next level while being able to get over challenges.

“There are always challenges anywhere you go. It is taking your vision and having everything come together,” said Keller.

Keller, director of athletics, holds a bachelor degree in physical education and sports medicine from Greensboro College and also a master’s in administration and counseling from Campbell University.  Keller is also anticipating graduating later this year with her doctorate in education leadership from Rowan University.

Keller has held numerous athletic positions, including assistant athletic director at Rutgers and Rowan, academic counselor at Campbell University, and coached for various sports.

In order to take CCC athletics department to the next level, there are obstacles and challenges Keller faces. Of course the biggest challenge is working with the school budget. 

“I would love to bring cross country down the road. Also I would like to bring in women’s volleyball and lacrosse as well. That of course depends on the budget” Keller said.

Even with the challenges, this will not tarnish Keller’s dream to bring more excitement to CCC.  With just working at CCC for two months, Keller enjoys working with her new staff.

“It is wonderful here. I work with a very great staff,” said Keller.

Keller feels confident, with the staff and her vision, she will be able to bring more excitement to CCC. Keller believes the students here on campus deserve every chance of an opportunity to be involved in sports.

“Students here are great. They have jobs and find the time to give everything they have. They are coming out every day and I commend them on that,” said Keller.

Keller already has the experience working in the field of the athletic department to having experience playing college soccer and lacrosse. Keller hopes her experience and her passion for sports can help bring her vision to CCC.

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