International Club at CCC

Erik Bond

As students make the transition from high school to college, there is always one constant – meeting people can be hard. Not everyone is outgoing and able to talk to anyone in particular, and if you’re from another country, as are many students at Camden County College, this can be even harder. This is where the Internation Club, headed by Suniti Desai, Issifi Fatou, and Paulina Kruszewski, comes in.

“International Club promotes awareness and appreciation of cultural diversity and provides an opportunity for international students to learn more about the American culture,” says Desai.

International Club hosts many social events for students of foreign descent, which Desai says number more than 500 students. Some of these activities include movie nights, featuring movies from other cultures so members can get an idea on others’ homelands. They’ve hosted bowling nights and dances featuring music from the many different cultures that are represented, giving members the opportunity to learn from others. On April 10, the club is hosting International Day at the Blackwood Campus.

“We are going to have a multicultural fashion show in which people will wear traditional clothes from their respective countries. So far we have 10 countries being represented through videos, pictures, paintings, and more,” says Desai. Countries being represented at International Day include Morocco, India, Poland, and more.

The event will take place in the connector building at the Blackwood campus.

Desai encourages students of all races and nationalities to get involved with International Club to broaden its existence to more than just foreign-born students. You can get involved in the club by going to its meetings, which happen often at the Blackwood campus, or you can get in touch with any member of the club via their Facebook group, titled “International Club at Camden County College.”

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