By: Zahid Ozgur

Many students enroll into Camden County College with the goal to transfer into a bachelor’s program at an accredited university.

Stockton, Temple, Drexel, Jefferson are among the top schools into which students transfer.  But two other popular choices – Rowan and Rutgers – are providing new options for CCC students.

The first is a program whereby students can matriculate at Rowan and take Elementary American studies at Camden County College at the Blackwood campus.

The other partnership is an agreement with Rutgers, which is offering a liberal studies program with classes held at the CCC campus in Blackwood.

Any student interested in learning more about these new opportunities should contact his or her academic advisor to explore these new additions to the CCC transfer program.  Advisors should know what classes to take based upon the desired school and projected major.

According to Vanessa McMasters, 12 year secretary to the director of transfer services, it is never too early to think about transferring:

“Use your time efficiently to help you determine your academic goals. Start thinking where you want to go, for what purpose… and how to get there,” McMasters said.

She recommends maintaining a grade point average of at least a 3.0, because four-year colleges favor strong academic performances.  Among the most competitive are nursing, pharmacy and elementary education.

After the application process is complete, students are notified in about six to eight weeks.

“Every student should consider the future when making current decisions, including financial planning,” McMasters said.

Many aid packages are based upon need; however scholarships also take into consideration academic performance.

“Use your resources,” McMasters said.  “Make good choices and seek the help to make these choices….  Ask for advice…  Get tutoring to help your grades… Finish what you can start and be realistic about what you can finish.”

There are other tools to help the transfer hopeful succeed.  One is the CCC hompage, where there is information about New Jersey transfers, articulation agreements and prerequisite equivalency charts.

The online calendar keeps students alerted to important dates such as application deadlines, usually Oct. 15 for the spring and March 1 for the fall, and upcoming events.

Most recently featured was a Transfer Fair on March 30 at the Blackwood campus with more than 30 admissions representatives from a variety of local schools.

“There is no age limit [to pursuing an education] and credits never expire. Whether you are new out of high school or you want to finish a degree, we can help them do that; McMasters said. “We are an affordable option to help them… get their degrees. [The transfer program] expedites agreements between two and four year schools.”

She urges every student to be an active participant in the academic process.  Although CCC can be a facilitator in deciding your future, once you do, as she puts it,

“It’s on your own,” she said

For more information, contact:

Vanessa McMasters – Director of Transfer Services

email: transferservices@camdencc.edu

Phone: 856-227-7200, extension 4268

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