By Joe Moffa
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD — On April 22, students in a Camden County College public relations class heard Rowan University student Thomas Cristino talk about public relations at Rowan.

Cristino is a public relations major at Rowan University. He is involved in the PRSSA program at Rowan. He was just voted to be a board member of the PRSSA. Cristino came in to the public relations class to tell them and guide them as to what to expect when they transfer over. A big thing he stressed for public relations majors was to join the PRSSA. He mentioned that it is a huge activity to have a on a resume when trying to apply to any public relations firm.

Cristino, who strives to be a sports public relations agent, also mentioned some cons to transferring to Rowan as a public relations major. Aside from many other classes that Rowan won’t accept for transfer credits, Cristino informed the students that they would need to re-take public relations classes. Rowan makes the argument that public relations classes at Camden County are not taught the same as they are at Rowan, therefore Rowan doesn’t accept those classes.

Cristino brought someone with him who spoke a bit on the same topic. Issac Katz, who is also a public relations major at Rowan, also stressed joining a public relations club at Rowan, whether it would be the PRSSA or another extracurricular activity in the same field. Katz wants to be a public relations agent in automobile racing.

Richard Sweeten, a student in the public relations class at CCC, said, “I wasn’t planning on going into public relations, but after that, it sounds like an interesting field to get into.”

Cristino closed the lecture by complimenting Rowan on the job they do in public relations. He said he loves what he does and all of the activities he can put together and organize. He mentioned he loves the opportunities Rowan offers and the help they provide to incoming students and public relations majors.

Rowan finished first in the last PRSSA national competition that took place in Orlando, Fla., recently.

This public relations class heard from the guest speaker from Rowan on April 22. By Joe Moffa, CCC Journalism Program

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