By Dan McDevitt
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – On Wednesday, April 27, students enjoyed a glorious day at Camden County College’s annual Spring Fling. A handpicked day could not have been better for the occasion as the temperatures rose into the low 70s by noon and Camden County College’s Wilson Center Courtyard became filled with beautiful sunlit budding trees; it wasn’t hard to tell spring was now well upon us.

Spring Fling, which was sponsored by the Office of Student Life and Activities and WDBK Radio Station, has become one of the biggest events the college holds. Students flocked to the courtyard and enjoyed music, giveaways, free food and other fun activities.

Jamie Myerson, WDBK station manager or “supreme dictator” as he calls himself, was working his second Spring Fling. “The music station really enjoys providing the music not only for this event, but many club-sponsored events whenever they need a little background music,” Myerson says. Many different styles of music were played throughout the event. Myerson says, “Due to the age differential of students and because many students enjoy several types of genres, we never lack diversity when selecting the music we play.”

DJ and Spring Fling enthusiast Brandon Duran, who’s worked at WDBK since 2007 and was working his first Spring Fling, says, “If you go to Camden County College, you have to attend Spring Fling at least once. The weather is always great, people are out having a great time, and it’s always worth coming, and it’s something I always look forward to.”

So as the music grooved in the background and the smell of the free BBQ took to the spring air, many clubs began to interact with the interested onlooking students.

Most clubs had games or giveaways to draw students to their booth. CCC International Club held card games, Game Design Guild gave away candy, the Campus Press distributed papers, and many other clubs were giving away things such as flying discs and selling T-shirts.

One club particularly well represented was Psi Beta club. Honorary Member Melissa Wiltsey along with the other members held many fun games such as timed cup pong, puzzle solving, and a game where one has to long snap three toilet paper rolls football style through a hula hoop 10 feet away. Wiltsey, who was working her first Spring Fling and plans to graduate this spring, says “It’s a really fun time. Our goal is to get more members and spread the word about Psi Beta.” Wiltsey’s club also sold T-shirts and handed out applications in hopes to add more members.

Students were upbeat throughout the event and the Spring Fling again served its purpose and went over well by standards of many.

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