By Sophia Gonzalez
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – The 44th annual student art show at Camden County College is held at the Marlin Gallery inside Lincoln Hall.

The art gallery is in dedication to the late William “Bill” Marlin. Marlin died in 2009 and retired from Camden County in 1997. Marlin was CCC’s first art department faculty member to be hired full time and reach tenure status.

The 44th annual student show is from April 20 to May 20. The show has various types of art that consist of paintings, sculptures, pottery and photography. The paintings show various emotions. Each of the paintings and sculptures tells a story. One sculpture has hands coming out from the ground as if someone is reaching, yearning for help.

The portraits were a favorite of the audience that remained crowded around the photography and the paintings on a recent visit. Staci Walgroski, a recent graduate of Albright University with a bachelor’s degree in art, said she thought the paintings were “cool and great for up and coming artists.”

The art show features 112 pieces from students at Camden County. A brief overview during a recent ceremony stated the show seeks to celebrate the talent of Camden County students.

Awards were given to students. The best piece award was given to Julia Saia for a work called “untitled.” The best painting award went to Ruben Garcia, best photography went to M. Aaron James, best sculpture went to Nick Kacic, best ceramics went to Ashley Collins, best drawing went to Kristin Arcidiacono.

At the art show student Ronald Gay said, “The show was great and it was great to see students doing something positive.”

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